Sunday, 15 April 2012

What I'm listening to right now

I'm a musician, so inevitably my iPod is a complete jumble of pop music to folk and classical. I don't really believe everyone is confined to a certain music taste, and I think there's much link between what I like. I bet even if I were given a case of heavy metal CDs I'd find something I like.  Just make sure it has a strong melody and powerful lyrics (if it has lyrics at all) and I'm sure it gets a place on my random selection of music :)

So here's what I'm loving at the moment:

In the pop side of things, I UTTERLY LOVE Lana Del Rey. Her voice is so powerful yet sweet, and all the songs have wonderful meanings. My favourite song by her has to be 'blue jeans'. I think it is such a strong and mysterious song I find it so powerful to listen to. Have a listen and see what you think (and the video's pretty cool too):

Not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I just watched the titanic but I also love Florence and the Machine's song 'never let me go'. Also, I read this great book with the same title, by Kazuo Ishiguro, a wonderful read. It really reminds me of the titanic story, and I think it was used in the recent BBC adaptation as well as being a lovely strong song. One of her best:

I play violin in a folk band, and this is one of my favourite pieces we play. I don't know much about the piece or the band, but I think it's a great introduction into folk music for someone who doesn't play it, and a great piece for someone who does. Even if this isn't your kind of thing, have a listen and hopefully enjoy this gorgeous tune (Bouree Les Poules Houpees, At Tambur):

So I hope you liked my selection of current 'most played' tracks. Comment your opinion and share some tracks of your own!


Laila said... Reply To This Comment

Finally, I found a teen blogger:) I am blogger who blogs about beauty and fashion.


Dan said... Reply To This Comment

I love Lana Del Ray, Blue Jeans is such an epic song.

Ruth said... Reply To This Comment

I've always wanted to play the violin but now i play the saxophone and the piano instead but i hope one day i will learn to play the violin.
Just yesterday our school was at a Swedish folk music concert.. I like folk music :)

lovebeautyandgold said... Reply To This Comment


Thanks Laila for your comment, your blog looks cool :) Keep up the good posting.

lovebeautyandgold said... Reply To This Comment

Violin is a wonderful instrument, and folk music is a wonderful thing to play. It's never too late to learn the violin, check back here if you ever do, I'd like to see how you get on :)

lovebeautyandgold said... Reply To This Comment

Yes, it's an awesome song!! Can't stop listening to it I hope it doesn't become boring...

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