Thursday, 12 April 2012

High street browsing: coloured jeans!

These are totally in at the moment, everyone seems to be wearing them in some form or another. I guess it's because you can wear plain tops with them and still look bright and colourful. They show off personality and are just so cool. 
So, where are some of the best places to get them from? First, here are the ones I own:

From topshop, patterned floral. I utterly love them. They have replaced my old favourite jeans (which had a hole in the knee :( ) as my favourites!

Topshop is also great for solid colour, here are just a few of 
my favourites:

MOTO Supersoft Leigh Jean (Topshop, £40) from left: dirty rasberry, lavender, turquoise

If you want something slightly less expensive, New Look is also great for coloured/patterned jeans:

These are available for £12.99 in colours:
Purple (pictured) < to me that's more pink, but that's the name in the shop :)
Rich Purple
Purple Overdyed
Red Overdyed

So, enjoy spicing your outfits up with colour, and if you can't decide which colour brings out your personality, here's a little quiz to help:
Apparently I'm green, not too sure about that ;)



lauren stevens said... Reply To This Comment

I love those floral jeans! I've been wanting to get some for ages! i think i will now :)

Niamh said... Reply To This Comment

Hello found your blog after reading your post on Into Geek! I am a MASSIVE fan of coloured jeans! My latest pair being a pastel yellow but I also have, lilac, purple, 2 different shades of turquoise, a purple pair that kinda look paint spattered and a cream pair with pink roses...I think I probably need to stop buying them! But Primark is a good place for coloured jeans at the mo too and they're just so difficult to resist!

lovebeautyandgold said... Reply To This Comment

Wooow they all sound awesome especially the paint spattered :) :)

lovebeautyandgold said... Reply To This Comment
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lovebeautyandgold said... Reply To This Comment

@lauren stevens
Do, I love them!!

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