Sunday, 8 April 2012

Never judge a sparkly dress before you've tried it on...

Well, I guess this blog needs some content! 

Yesterday I was with my friend in town, browsing clothes. We decided to play 'try on something we'd never EVER wear'. So we see this CRAZY SPARKLY dress in Topshop. I mean CRAZY... So, after an awkward moment wondering whether we would a) annoy and b) seem weird to the shop assistant we decided to hide in a bundle of normal clothes we were 'thinking of buying'. It was a good plan and we tried them on. WOW I actually thought the dress was pretty AMAZING (if not slightly itchy). Now I reaaalllly want it, so, see what you think:

You can find the dress here

The moral of this anecdote: Some dresses look much better on that off :)


lauren stevens said... Reply To This Comment

i agree! I always try clothes on before buying as your anecdote can work the other way around too :) One thing i will say though, sparkly dresses are definitely in this season! :)

Natasha Kapoor said... Reply To This Comment

I hav the same dress..! love it..!

Positive Fountain said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely blog, lovely dress. Summer is approaching, it's time to add some stylish glitter to our wardrobe. :-)

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