Friday, 20 April 2012

Exciting Update!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I have a few exciting posts planned for this weekend! Yaay, the weekend! This post is just to give some great news: I'm totally delighted that I was able to do a guest post for the blog Into Geek. My post is about stereotyping in the world of technology,which I guess is more serious than what I normally blog. If it gets good reviews then I might start writing more opinionated articles, I'll see how it goes. Anyway, again I'm sooo pleased that I got to do this post and hope it shows that I can blog in a more in depth way. My guest post can be found here.

In the meantime, please look back soon because I'll post some of my latest blog entries once I've actually written them...  (I'm going to write one now, may be up this evening)

Thank you to everyone who's reading my blog, whether you're a regular or have just stumbled across it. It's been a very successful first few weeks!

Have a nice weekend and remember to come back here for more posts!


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